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Count/Select number of holes of a given size

Question asked by Matt S. on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Paul Marsman

I am trying to convert 2D Autocad drawings into 3D models using the 2D-3D interface.  The .dwg files I have are essentially rectangular blocks with hundreds of either #4,#6,#8 holes and some blind holes.  Is there a way I can automatically count how many holes there are (to make sure it lines up with what the .dwg callout says?  And is there a way I can automatically select all #4 holes and use that to extrude cut them, and then all #6 holes etc...obviously I do not want to sit there and manually select 100 #4 holes to extrude them.  The holes are all extruded to unique depths per size so I can;t just blindly select them all.


And separate question - how can I pull the 2D to 3D toolbar back up after accidentally closing it?  It's a pain to have to go into sketch tools, 2d to 3d, then click what i want everytime if I close it in order to do things.  And can 2D to 3D only directly do extrudes/cuts?  What if I have a chamfer, or lofted/swept area? Do I have to do that manually after the fact?