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    variable part size in simulation

    New Moon

      i need to obtain effect of changing a dimension on part in simulation ?

      i am designing a crank shaft and i want to analysis effect of changing diameter on endurance.

      i know i can change part size and collect result for every size and make chart of results ! but is there any way for doing this automatically ?

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          Greg Fowler

          Use a "Design Study" and you can vary whatever dimensions/parameters you want.


          It's a little much to cover in depth here, but the SW built-in help should set you straight.


          Basically in the model tab, do "Insert --> Design Study..."  Set your parameters up there.


          Then in the simulation tab, you can run a "Design Scenario" in the little "Run" dropdown icon.


          I have actually never done this, but know that's how you get started...  Good luck!

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              New Moon

              there is a section for adding dimension in design study and its possible to add many dimension and sensors for monitoring the output data ... for every dimension Soildworks will automatically changes the selected dimensions and runs the simulations ..so more scenarios more time to complete the process