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Constraining tangent solution between 2 curves in sketch

Question asked by Marty Winters on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by Harmony Copperthwaite

I am drawing a helix with extensions in each end (inlet outlet pipes to a coil for a heat exchanger).  I would like the part to work parametrically or be able to make multiple configurations.  So I should  be able to adjust the number of coils, spacing on the inlet, outlet. etc.


The problem  occurs when I change a parameter such as the number of rotations on the helix to non-even numbers to test the part and evaluate different configurations,   The helix and the inlet/outlet lines are connected with curves that have a tangent constraint.  For some changes, the lines turn 180 degrees so that they converge on a tangent point instead of continuing smoothly from one curve to another.  An alternative (and valid) tangent solution to the constraints would give the correct geometry.


Included are 2 part files.  "Condenser Coil 2.sldprt" is correct.  For "Condenser Coil 3.sldprt", I changed helix revolutions from 10 to 9.75.  The problem is at the bottom of the coil.


Any ideas on how to force the correct solution?