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Circuitworks components are stored where

Question asked by Daniel O'Neill on Oct 21, 2014

Our company uses CWx to import PCB.emn files from the EE group who are using Alegro PCB editor ver 16.6.  The CWx Database, Components, Boards, and Outlines are all saved to a shared network location.  We have a networked SWx license 2014 SP4 using PDM workgroup.


Question is:  Once I import an .emn file and build the PCB assembly from CWx into SWx does SolidWorks save all the components with in the newly created board assembly file locally to my working directory?  Or should it be referencing the components and board files stored to the CWx location on the server?  Beyond the help file I have not found any docs explaining the CircuitWorks functionality, is there any out there anywhere?


Thank you