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Iges conversion error

Question asked by Rod Thompson on Oct 20, 2014
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I am trying to convert a part to iges. When I do I get the attached error
message. If I click ok it then creates the file, but with a missing surface(s).

I made a forging then inserted it into a new part to make all the cuts. When
I go to save as an iges file, part of a fillet (as forged) disappears. It seems
anything I do, related to cut 12 or even unrelated causes this condition. If I
roll back cut 12 or suppress a feature completed unrelated to cut 12 I get the
same error. To make it even stranger, when I convert the forging there is no
problem. I did notice that the machined version converts as a surface, while
the forging converts as a solid body.

Any help will be greatly approciated.