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Cannot Select Geometry For Mate After Rearranging Components/Subassemblies in Design Tree

Question asked by James Harvey on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Steven Mills

Good day SW Users,


I hope my subject line is appropriate, not so easy a problem to describe with few words.


Step by step of my problem:

  1. I sometimes create new assemblies using a pre-existing BOM as a part list . I will do this by going down the list of part numbers in the BOM and just dropping the components semi-randomly into the top-level assy. This results in a very disorganized mess of a top level assembly. (I know this sounds like a bass-ackwards way of doing things but I/We sometimes have reasons for this approach as opposed to Pack And Go etc..)
  2. I then organize the mess by creating project-specific subassemblies from within the top level assy, and then dragging components into the project-specific subassy.
  3. PROBLEM: When I drag a component into a project-specific subassembly and then open the aforementioned subassy in a separate window to edit mates, the recently added component is invisible to my cursor/pointing device. I cannot select geometry to create mates.


Things I have tried are Rebuild, Save, Close and Re-open, Reboot/Restart Computer, both at the subassy and top assy levels (where applicable). Eventually the subassy will respond appropriately and I can properly mate the components. The problem seems to happen at random and regardless whether I 'Save Assy in External File' or leave it as Virtual. Unfortunately I don't typically track my actions closely enough to determine which actions resolve the problem outside of restart/reboot. That probably is a consistent solution but is obviously not going to be incorporated into my regular work flow. Aside from that I seem to recall a random and low percentage of success with the other techniques. That's the best info I can currently offer without making into a project in itself.


FYI by the way, the offending components can be selected in the tree and manipulated via the Move Component command. Of course this doesn't help in proper assembly mating.


Also, my computer and video card is up to and above SW required specs. Everything I am working on is stored on a network.


Does anybody else experience this problem?

Have you resolved the issue?

Any suggestions?



James Harvey



Forgot to mention, restarting SW typically cures the issue also (per instance that is, and until the next one of course).