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when i used a copy tree there were more parts in the copy than the original

Question asked by Kray Shivers on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

I was making copies of an assembly to use for some baseline testing. the results I got where not right so I started looking into the contains tab in EPDM and noticed that some assemblies (that were copies) had more parts than others. I checked the assembly expert and it confirmed my suspicions. One of my assemblies had an extra 48 parts! Then I started checking all the assemblies that I was going to use for testing and none of them had the correct amount of parts in them.


Each time I made a copy I went back to the original and copied that assembly to avoid this problem. Not only do I have another I don't know week of tracking down where my extra parts are located with in this top level assembly but now I have to redo all of my testing.


Is there something that I did wrong?

is there a bug in the copy tree command?

would it be better if I used a pack n go instead?


I did a test and did a copy tree on the original and checked the copy to the original the only thing I did to the copy was check it in so the references would update, and there were extra parts. I just don't understand anyone who could shed some light on this situation would be much appreciated.