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miserable post-processing-nonlinear static

Discussion created by genexxer genexxer on Apr 6, 2007
Latest reply on May 3, 2007 by Vince Adams
I am venting about the whole process of getting plots out of cwx to customers. What is the plan in the next release for time history plots in nonlinear static? Plot Force/moment instead of time! Exporting to excel every time I need force deflection or stress-deflection xy plots sucks. The worst defect of exporting is disassociating the results from the model. I have many, many dat files...try naming each file with which model, study, force direction, force value, mesh type, result type, associativity to the model! Anyway I hope the whole miserable post-processing of exporting to dat files and processing in excel is eliminated in cwx2008. I have to name them all so I know later which study and model they came from and what force/moment value converts time to force/moment correctly.