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    Insert Model Item Example

    Jeetendra Prasad




      I generating drawing automatically using API. I have stumbled upon with two choices. They are:-

      1> To Add drawing entities (notes, dimension, etc) using my program through API. [slower method]

      2> Use insert model item for importing drawing entities (notes, dimension, etc) in selected drawingcomponent for a predefined view. [This would I believe make my work faster.]


      I have seen the examples in API help / forum for InsertModelAnnotations3 and InsertModelDimensions APIs. But I have found the example for "swImportModelItemsSource_e.swImportModelItemsFromEntireModel" only.


      I tried recording macros for same as well. But running the recorded macro [for selected component] does not work for me.



      Has any body tried successfully to insert model item for selected component ( or drawingcomponent) for a particular view. If they can share a working example then it would be great. Guiding me a proper direction will also do.  ;-)



      --- Jeetendra Prasad.