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    Revision table column count?

    Steve Soeder

      Hi, is there a way to count the number of columns in a revision table?


      I'm using the following to get the column number, and I'm wondering if there is a way to check the total number of columns because I want to set the value to a negative number if there is no match so I can handle this scenario in a later part of the program.  Didn't see



      'REVTABLE - this is the revision table on the current sheet
      Private Property Get REVTABLE() As SldWorks.RevisionTableAnnotation
          Set REVTABLE = DOC.GetCurrentSheet.RevisionTable
      End Property
      'REVDESCCOL - this is a long value representing the column which holds the revision description
      Private Property Get RevDescCol() As Long
          Dim lngX As Long
              While UCase(REVTABLE.Text(1, lngX)) <> "DESCRIPTION"
                  lngX = lngX + 1
                      'HERE:  I want to set set lngx=-1 if we've reached the last column, and exit the while loop
          RevDescCol = lngX
      End Property