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Server 2003 or XP Pro?

Question asked by William Peacock on Apr 6, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2007 by Kenneth Barrentine

I have read through the posts & there has been mention of using S2003 & XP Pro on the vault/server computer.

We are planning to convert all of our legacy & current data to PDMworks. This will be about 20,000 drawings/files. I plan to use the archive feature, but I want the data in the vault so that there is one place to look, should the data be needed. The revision schemes are nice too.

We are planning to use Enterprise, because we need the web portal. We have external shops that need to access our files.

I was thinking that S2003 would be better for our needs, but I would like an experienced opinion. We are planning on using an existing S2003 server (1ghz Celeron, 512mb ram - crap, I know) for initial roll-out. This would be replaced within 6-12 mos with a new "server".


Would I be better off installing our PDM server on my local machine (2- 265 opteron, 4gb ram) & adding hard drives for initial roll-out?

Would there be any advantage to Server 2003 over XP (other than the 10 user login thing)?

How hard is it to move a vault? Would the final/new server be the best option from the start?

I have asked all these questions of my VAR & been waiting for a reply for over a week. They are waiting on the local SW rep.

I am under pressure to "fix" a user who does not respect SW file associations & PDM seems to be my best option (aside from the obvious).