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How many times have I attended SolidWorks World? Where was it held?

Question asked by Charley Leonard on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by Peter Fischer

I'm registering for SolidWorks World, and like every other year, the whole process is easy, except (1) figuring out how many years I've attended, in order to answer that question and have the correct number show up on my badge, and (2) guessing whether they mean to include the year I'm registering for in that count.  (2015 counts per Richard Doyle's prompt response). I can never remember how many years I've attended, and I always end up spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME trying to figure it out.  This year is no exception.  I could swear I've done things like create a word document to search & find later, post a status update in the SolidWorks community to search on later (can't find these anymore - is it just me?), post a discussion like this one, containing my answer, to be searched on later - couldn't find that, either.  Here's this year's attempt at making it easier for myself next year, and perhaps you this year! (and I'll cut and paste this to a word file and put it on my computer, too!)


I'm answering 12 (including 2015).  Here's this list of everywhere it's been, according to my annual internet search:


1999 Palm Springs

2000 New Orleans

2001 Orlando

2002 Las Vegas (Charley attended)

2003 Orlando (Charley attended)

2004 Boston

2005 Orlando (Charley attended)

2006 Las Vegas (Charley attended)

2007 New Orleans

2008 San Diego (Charley attended)

2009 Orlando (Charley attended)

2010 Anaheim (Charley attended, sort of.  One general session.  Counting it.)

2011 San Antonio (Charley attended)

2012 San Diego (Charley attended)

2013 Orlando (Charley attended)

2014 San Diego (Charley attended)

2015 Phoenix (See you there)