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spline point maximum limit

Question asked by M. Z on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by M. Z

Dear folks,


I am trying to build a spline with 1000000 points through macro with data in a line of array (not xyz form) in excel. I am also NOT using the xyz add-in because I am developing it for further development.


I have tried spline with 10 or 30 points and they all worked well, I did a lot of testing and they are just perfect.But when it comes to 1000000, it overflows, so I changed my variables from integer to long. This program also works for the 10 and 30 points array after testing, but for the 1000000 points, the computer refuses to draw anything.


I think it must be the problem of solidworks spline function's maximum point number limitation. Am I right or is there anyone who knows the limitation so that I could modify my program more perfectly?


Thanks for reading,