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    Beam Mesh Report?

    Mike Lentz
      A Report Folder is automatically available for every type of meshEXCEPT beam.  Is this by design?  Is it possible to add aReport and Report folder for a beam mesh study?

        • Beam Mesh Report?
          Vince Adams
          I have no good explanation why Reports aren't available for Beam models. I think this was a big enough project it just got overlooked. Interestingly enough, there is no enhancement request in the system for it either so... it didn't make it into 2008. I'll file an enhancement request for it but would encourage anyone else who uses beams to do so at the SolidWorks website as well. Volume helps...

          • Beam Mesh Report?
            Romy r
            Will be very useful a beam mesh study report
            • Beam Mesh Report?
              Anthony Botting
              That is a good idea. One of our demonstration engineers got caught in a demo (and embarrassed) with that problem - he assumed that a report would be available for Beam models. I guess that reinforces the old saying to never assume anything. Thanks for putting in the enhancement request, Vince. Sincerely, Tony.