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2015, 1st bug I checked - still not fixed, Blind C'bores?

Question asked by James Pare on Oct 15, 2014

We finally set-up the new release - 2015, So the 1st thing I usually do is check to see if any of the bugs I have submitted have been fixed, or ignored


I have notified SWX that the new hole wizard tool that uses the last end condition for holes should not be carried over to c'bores. In 99% of the time a c'bore hoe is going to be a thru hole. But if the previous holes you performed was blind, this carries over to the c'bore. We have issues in production tools where the detailers did not catch this issue & c'bores were built blind. how often do I want to put a socket head cap screw in a blind c'bore. Makes absolutely no sense. I was told that this would be fixed back in SP2.0 of 2014. Guess what. it's still not fixed! (Pre 2014 c'bores were always defaulted thru)