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Drafting a Swept Boss/Base

Question asked by Matt Blaylock on Oct 15, 2014
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     I am trying to model up some goat horns in SolidWorks for a Pan costume this Halloween which I will 3-D print upon completion. Here is an image of the horns: (I am just looking for the shape, no details)Goat Horns.jpg

I have tried creating a swept boss/base with the large circular base and a spline in the desired orientation, however my issue comes in when I try and draft this swept feature to create a point at the end. I also tried a lofted boss/base using the spline as a guide curve, but it failed. And it could probably be done by simply extruding sections at angles and drafting each section slightly along the way, but that would take a long while and might not look quite as smooth. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.