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Continous loft modeling, ring modeling

Question asked by Valerie Whitlatch on Oct 14, 2014
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ring modeling.png

Hi I am trying to model a simple ring. I created the above model with a few simple lofts, but I cannot fully connect the loop completely, I have issues when I try and close the loop on the final sketch. I created an identical sketch so it would us that sketch instead of repeating the same sketch in the loft. However, that didn't work and I had to create a separate loft to connect the missing piece of the ring, but it's not a smooth continuous piece.


ring oval.png


I created a simple extruded cut to cut off the top of the ring and make it flat. The resulting shape can be seen in the first image, it's similar to a rectangle with rounded edges. My goal is to make the top of the ring have an oval shape (like the one above) when I cut off the top of it. However, in the image above the extruded cut sinks into the ring, I want the oval to be flush with the top of the ring. I'm willing to change the proportions, curvature and thickness to have the oval be flush to the surface, but I think it's more of a mathematical problem.