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    Unknown error occurred while accessing an AutoRecover file .swar

    Verne Newman

      Hi, I've seen several "Unknown Errors..." messages but not one on an AutoRecover file.  When this occurs, I can reboot my computer, load the drawing and everything appears to be fine.  Then, after working several minutes, the error pops up.  I get out of the error, do a hard rebuild and the assembly file that the "Unknown Error" was addressing, is missing parts of the assembly.  I've tried turning the AutoRecover off and changing the file path but nothing seems to work. Additionally, I can't make a high resolution pdf even though every setting I have to make a high res print is turned on (not just the views but the title block as well is low resolution).  Any help on what I could try would be greatly appreciated!


      Unknown Error.jpg

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          Jeff Moritz

          I have seen plenty of issues like this using Auto recover, I have always assumed it might be because of working over a network but not sure.  I have trained myself to save often while working to minimize any losses. We choose not to use the back-up and auto recover features because it seems to cause more trouble than it is worth.


          As for the .pdf problem try the procedure below.  This will get you high res .pdf files but is not very convenient for every day work flow.


          *Note:  You must have the Draftsight software installed for this procedure.


          1. Save drawing as a .dwg file.  Make sure “high quality dwg export” check box
            is checked in the dwg options from the save as window.
          2. Open the .dwg drawing in the Draftsight software.
          3. Drag/box select all entities.
          4. Select the “Modify” pull down menu.
          5. Select “Properties”.
          6. Change line color to white.  White will revert to black when saved as a
            .pdf or .dwg and reopened in Solidworks.
          7. Change line weight to 0.000”.
          8. Export as .pdf.
          9. Save the modified .dwg file.


          *Note:  This procedure works with Draftsight
          2014.  Draftsight 2015 was tested and did not work.                         

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              Verne Newman

              Thanks Jeff for your comments.  I'm not sure what's causing it.  I've chosen to remove Auto Recover as well and safe often.  as for the PDF, I do the same procedure you do but I use Autocad.  Unfortunately, if there is missing faces on a part, you get an error message and can't save to .dwg.  This is my frustration.  I don't understand why, because of one missing face on a part, it wouldn't save out to .dwg.  I don't mind the error message, just give me the option to save it out or not!