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Generate an exploded view from different configurations.

Question asked by Maxime Berger on Oct 14, 2014
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      I have a main assembly with different subassemblies.
These subassemblies have different configurations (with different components). I use the table "Modify Configurations” in order to generate numerous configurations for the main assembly quickly and it works.

      I would like to generate automatically the  exploded views related to these numerous configurations using the table “Modify Configurations” . I have already set an exploded view for each configuration of the subassemblies and an exploded view in themain assembly as a reference using “Reuse Subassembly Explode” option. When I create a new configuration in the top assembly using the table “ModifyConfigurations”, Solidworks does not generate the exploded view related to this new configuration. I need to remake the exploded view every single time. Even if I copy the reference exploded view from the main assembly to the new configurations, the exploded views from the subassemblies are not exploded in the view.

     Is there a solution to automatically generate an exploded view for every new configurations of the table “Modify Configurations”?