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Navigation buttons is not working properly in HTML output (Simple View Profile) generated from Solidworks composer

Question asked by Madhan Mohan on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Earl Hasz

Hi All,




I am creating an Interactive Animation (Step by step procedure to assemble the unit) going to display in assembly shop floor on touch screen.


By using the navigation buttons I have created animation and published to HTML output (took simple view profile).


Problem where I am getting is in HTML output, In composer preview all buttons are working fine,

But in html view buttons are not working, suppose if I click next button on first step, it is completing first step and it is not stopping at that moment, it is going back to starting position and keep on repeating the first step (Loop play). I could not able to go forward to next step.


Kindly help me how to sort out this issue. Is there any settings need to adjust while publishing to HTML output?


Appreciate your great help.


Kindly look into the file attached to this discussion.



Madhan Mohan S