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Renaming kept old path - SW2007

Discussion created by Todd Engle on Apr 4, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2007 by Jeff Hamilton
I noticed this in right away in SW2007 Explorer.

After I rename parts in SW Explorer, the assembly tree still liststhe old part names.
But opening a part from the assembly tree shows that it is the newname.
After closing the part, the tree updates with the new name.
This is no big deal to me, it was the correct part.

However yesterday, I copied an assembly design to my laptop to takehome.
Files are stored on a server, not local.

After completing the design, I needed to update the files withactual part numbers instead of generic names.
I connected to the company VPN and obtained numbers.
Using SW2007 Explorer, I renamed the files.

After renaming the files, I opened the assembly (file onlaptop).
It was trying to pull the old files (old names) from theserver.
I cancelled SW, disconnected from the VPN and opened the assemblyagain.
The assembly opened with the new file names (on laptop).
I saved and closed the assembly.

Let's try something -
I connected to the VPN and opened the assembly (file onlaptop).
Again, the assembly was pulling the old files (old names) from theserver.

I would think that SW2007 Explorer would have updated the internalreference to the new file name.