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Part in part move instable after ctrl-Q

Question asked by Nico Van Gils on Oct 14, 2014
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Having a strange phenomenon when inserting a part in a part an positioning it with the "move" feature.

See also the This is what happens:


  • Started a part "part2". leave it empty.
  • Started a part 'DS' (driving sketch). In this part is a top plane sketch starting in the origin and going to a piont X. dims don't matter in this stage.
  • Open part2 and insert part DS in it. enable the option 'locate part with move/copy feature"
  • Position with the move feature in the inserted part DS. Translate: first choose the point X and the the origin of part2. Part DS move to the location where poiunt X and origin part2 are aligned.
  • do a refresh.
  • Now do a ctrl-Q : with every ctrl-Q the DS toggles between aligne origins and aligend with point X.
  • ps: tried e few different settings in the system options >external ref feature. But no real change.


Is this a bug or what. Anyone noticed this? ... And has a solution.


Example to be found here: Share SW Forum


Noticed this after usig this MO in 50 parts...