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How to add a part into a toolbox

Question asked by Sanya Shmidt on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Sanya Shmidt

Hello everyone!

I`m trying to setup a fasteners library for our company, We have quite a few of them, lots of variations. The problem I`m having now is organizing. For instance we have Hex bolts : Grade 5 Plain/Zinc/Yellow Zinc, Grade 8 Plain/Zinc/Yellow Zinc, SS-18-8, SS316. - sizes 0.25" to 2" partial and full thread.

The biggest problem is when I add custom properties for them the library grows up. I don`t see any way in the toolbox settings for custom properties to disable a property based on other property selection.

I was actually trying to cheat and copy master hex bolt_ai.sldprt and save it as hex bolt_ai-Grade5.sldprt in the Toolbox library. But when I open Toolbox - I don`t see it as an option with a checkbox.



I was trying to limit the number of options for each specific Grade so its easy to select fastener you looking for.

Would be great if I could copy HEX Bolt part and rename it and build the Excel table for it without mixing with other materials/grades etc.

I`m not sure if the way I did was correct way of doing that.


I`m just curious if anyone set the toolbox library and customized it for the specific hardware.

Is there any other ways or options exist to simplify this process? Any suggestions are appreciated.