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Solidworks Simulation, different mesh sizes, different results.

Question asked by Luca Messner on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Attilio Colangelo

Hi guys,

First of all I'm Italian so my English is not perfect.

I'm new with the Simulation package so I'm doing some test.

Today I tested a model (I have problem to insert images) using a fix fixture on the bottom plate and adding a load of 500000 N on the top plate + Gravity force. These parameter are fix.

As material I used steel AS3678-350.

When I set up the model, to avoid problem with the simulation, I select all the bodies under the Cutting list, right click and I select the command "insert into new part". Usually like that I got less meshing problems and contact problems. Is it a bad idea?


Here my issue. I've used different mesh sizes, first 62mm, second 31mm and third 15mm and I got different results.


62mm = 46.000.000 N/m^2

31mm = 61.500.000 N/m^2

15mm = 66.000.000 N/m^2


Is it normal? Can I trust the last result of 66.000.000 N/m^2?


Best Regards