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    Question regarding the construction of a manhole on a CSTR reactor

    Rohit Sil



      I am currently designing a reactor as a project for my University. RIght now I am trying to constuct the manhole that goes on the top.


      The manhole looks very similar to this one that I found online:




      The trouble I have is with the 2 handles of the manhole. I do not know how to create the curved part of the handle.


      Can anyone give me any tips ?


      Thanks in advance !!!



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          Will Watkins


          This is a simple thing to create. You will create it using a Sweep which requires 2 sketches 1. A Profile Sketch 2. A Path Sketch. You need a plane at the location of the handle that will be the PATH plane to draw the centerline path or the Inside path or it can be the outside path. Exit this sketch and rename it Path Sketch or something like that.

          Next create a sketch on the face of the manhole cover and draw the circle or desired profile of the handle cross section and constrain it to the end point of the Path Sketch. Rename the sketch to Handle Cross section or something like this.

          (Note: if it is an inside path, place the profile so it falls to the outside of the Path Sketch, centerline place the profile at the center of the cross section sketch and likewise with the outside path the profile sketch must be to the inside of the path sketch.


          Exit the sketch and start the sweep command, select the sketches placing them in the appropriate field and finish the command.


          Next you can pattern the handle the other direction to get the finished product.


          If you so desire you can create the cross section for both handles in one sketch and see if it will sweep 2 circles to create the handle set together. I am not sure if it will do that yet. I believe that the sketch must intersect the path sketch. Try it and let me know if it works.

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