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What's the best way to simulate laser/saw/edm cuts in a model?

Question asked by Alex Ernsberger on Oct 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Craig Schultz

Our plant does a ton of sheetmetal work. Mostly our process starts with a laser cutter and I am finding thin line laser features to be difficult to get right in SW. The issue I have is that in model space I can make a cutout with a width of 0.005" easy enough however when I export the flat pattern to DWG/DXF then I end up with an entire closed profile around the hole. I am looking for a way to cut a thin line profile in model space, see the cut in model space, and then when I export the flat to DWG make the software only export the necessary toolpath line. Yes I can modify the DWG after the fact or leave modification to the programmer but that's just extra work I'd rather not do.