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    Edit read-only part in assembly context

    Barron Knigge

      Can Solidworks allow a read only part to be edited in the context of an assembly and then require a 'Save As' when trying to save?

      I get the following error when right clicking and selecting 'Edit Part' in an assembly: http://i.imgur.com/2O7RUjm.png

      It is a lot less convenient having to 'Save As' to my local hard drive then replace the component in the assembly every time I want to edit.  Parts are stored as read only as part of our PDM system for storing 3D parts for use with Solidworks Electrical.

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          Admin Eng

          Is there an option that will allow a referenced read only part file in an assembly to be edited in the context of that assembly?  There are times when I want to edit a part just to quickly see how the change would affect the assembly but not permanently change it.  To do this you can open a part and modify it as read only with the option to "save-as" but you can not modify the same part in the context of the assembly.  Super annoying!