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Making a cutout change with a flexible beam-geometry, relations, equations

Question asked by Tracy Lau on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Ian Worrall

Hi all,


I'm creating a flexible beam with a cutout and I've been trying to dimension the cutout such that it will open and close depending on how the beam is flexed. For example, if I put a V-cut through part of a flexible eraser without cutting all the way through, and I push both sides of it inward under compression -><- so that the beam arches upward like a moon bridge, the v-cut should open up wider. I haven't been able to do this with my current constraints (the cut opening stays the same when I flex the beam by moving a sketch endpoint or I get sketch relations errors). Is there a way to do this cleanly or am I constraining the wrong things? I assumed that the v-length and arc lengths of the cutout opening would stay the same, but the radii and angles for the cutout are changing when I made the constraints. Is my geometrical reasoning wrong? I've tried flex before and it was distorting the beam which is why i'm doing it geometrically and taking inspiration from this living hinge post. I don't see the link to attach my part file, so I've posted some pictures instead. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you!

beam relax.jpg

beam compress ED.jpg

flexible beam dim.jpg

^^These are the dimensions I'm using to constrain everything