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    Two incredible macro to try to make copy and paste with SolidWorks!

    Fabrizio Todaro

      Hello all!

      I enclose two macros that I invented for copying and pasting of parts and components in SolidWorks.

      With "Path in Appunti - Selezionato.swp" , selecting a component of the feature tree, launching the macro, the path is taken and copied into memory.

      With "Sostituisci Componente Selezionato da Nome in memoria.swp" the second macro replacing a part or an assembly, by simply running the macro.

      Of course it is better if you create the button.

      I work a lot with that huge range, can reduce production time drastically.

      If the assembly or the part you want to replace it in the same folder, just copy only the file name without the path ...


      Let me now


      Good SolidWorks 2015!