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PDF overlay template for prints

Question asked by Cory Engdahl on Oct 10, 2014

We would like to implement a workflow in EPDM to manage revisions of prints in PDF format.  Ideally we would like to have a standard "Stamp" for every stage of the workflow that would be superimposed on the PDF.  The stamp would include: Approved by, Part Name, and State.  The stamp would need to be dynamic. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on how we could do this?


The best I have come up with is using a 3rd party PDF editor and attempting to format a watermark with the widows command line with dispatch.  The problem with this is that text watermarks cannot be overwritten.  In other words, after I stamp it once the second, third,....nth stamp overlays new text on the old text, so it look really messy.