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    Purging Files for EPDM

    Matt Hermsen



      Excuse me for this question if it seems basic/easy for many. I'm not at all familiar with SolidWorks and do not use the program. I'm actually an IT administrator for a company that uses it (just started with this company). My question to all of you is how to purge or remove old file revisions. Is there a way to do this within SolidWorks? Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that we have a SolidWorks Vault, but I'm sure what that means or entails. Again, excuse me for my brevity as I don't know the first thing about SolidWorks. I have just been tasked with purging the files to ensure it doesn't take up all the space on our servers. Thank you!

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          Michael Dekoning



          Revisions are never purged in EPDM. Versions are managed through cold storage configuration. Look in the EPDM Administration manual to learn about this.

          While you will find that people in this forum are helpful, you should find out the name of the VAR (Value Added Reseller) who sold EPDM to your company and ask for their assistance in getting your feet wet with the application.