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Input Formula's on a search card not working.

Question asked by Tim Mrazek on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Brian McEwen



I have a file data card that I converted to a search card. For this card, I use an input formula to change a variable, and use the result as a tab controller for the tab box. The reason for that is we are using the data card to create a formatted description and I need to break out the 'Type' of item into many different cards. However, I can group certain types together to lessen the amount of  tabs. I am using the input formula against the type field and grouping for tab control. I need the 'type' to say the same for description purposes. My problem is that the input formula doesn't seem to trigger in a search card, or in the complete search, using the file card. I have tried using an alias list on type field, which kind or works as it switches tabs, but it also doesn't pull up results as the 'type' field doesn't match any values. I need the type field to be the original value and still trigger the tab control using grouped 'type'


Any ideas?