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Painting (Appearence), Material and BOM

Question asked by Lasse Nielsen on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Hello SW forum, I need a little help with a problem i'm currently facing.


I work with two external companies.

- A metal-factory, who laser-cut and bends my steel parts.

- An industrial painter, who paint be parts.

- Myself, who renders images of the product assembies


For this reason, my parts needs to contain the following informations: Material info, paint info and appearence.


So far i worked around this by duplicating the same material and just added a RAL code and an appearence. My material libray thus look like this


AISI 304

AISI 304 - RAL9005

AISI 304 - RAL3024

AISI 304 - RAL7035

S 235

S 235 - RAL 9005

S 235 - RAL 3024

S 235 - RAL 7035



When i create a BOM for both of them, the material field thus holds both informations - the color code and the material. The problem is, that the metal factory finds it very annoying with all these different names for the same material. They only care about the material and not the color. The same goes for the painter, who is annoyed by all the material info. He only cares about color code.


Is there a smart way to add material, paint info and apperance in one move like above, but with one custom proberty for material and another for color. Or do I have to add the information manually with the risk of mixing up the colorcode and the apperance?