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Issue with ITN International for SWW'15

Question asked by Shan Lentine on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by Audrey Horan

I went ahead and marked this as a question because I want to know if anyone else has had issues with ITN International at any of the SolidWorks Worlds? 


I have attended 3 SWWs and was planning to attend SWW'15.  While attending the conventions, I found that the customer service provided by ITN is poor at best.  I realized that we as attendees are not their
customer, Dassault Systemes is.  They don't look at us as customers of their customer.  Up until I tried to register for SWW'15, all of the issues have been relatively minor inconveniences.  I had to resolve all of the issues on my own because everyone was unable or unwilling to help.  At SWW’11 I actually talked to Alan Houck (Vice President, IT) about my issue and he did nothing. 


Anyway, my latest issue is more serious.  On 9/30/14, I registered for SWW’15.  I have to use my personal credit card and then submit the charges back to my company to be reimbursed.  My credit card was charged the price for the conference.  The invoice showed my CSWE discount of -$100 and then showed that I have a credit with them of $100.  I immediately sent them an email requesting that my credit card be charged the right amount and that I receive a corrected invoice so I could submit my expense report.  Adriana West (Customer Service Representative) responded and said that she submitted the request and would send me a receipt.  8 days later on 10/8/14, I had to send an email asking for an update.  Her response was:


The person in charge of the refunds is out on maternity leave, it might be a couple more weeks they didn’t give us a set time line.  The request has been sent, as soon as she makes the refund I will let you know.”


I responded back that this indefinite delay was unacceptable and requested to be forwarded to a supervisor.  I informed her that I expected a resolution to the issue by the end of business this Friday.  Her response to this was:


I was informed that she will be back next week.  The refund will be made as soon as she gets to it.


This blatant refusal to forward me to a supervisor and the total indifference of the impact to my personal finances of having so much money tied up in this issue concerns me greatly.  I have no way to let Dassault know that their customers are being treated this way.  Every place that I have found to submit comments, questions, or concerns go back to ITN, so there is no place to complain to Dassault about ITN.


I am hoping that if enough people have had issues and respond to this forum posting maybe someone will notice.