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Finding a Patterned part under a folder

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by Danny Bradford

Greetings all,


We have a situation that I would like to hear from the community at large, is this a known bug or something I should turn in?


We have a pattern of parts in an assembly that have been placed in a folder. Once this is set up it seems that the ability to click on the part in the graphic area and have the feature tree find and highlight the part is gone.


In other works, clicking on the part in the graphical interface will not highlight the feature tree. This makes it incredible difficult to find the part in the tree.


We are currently in Solidworks 2013 sp02 by the way.


Does anyone else have this issue and is it known to Solidworks?


Thanks for your time,


Danny Bradford