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Extrude Boss property missing after SaveAs

Question asked by Joecel Torres on Oct 9, 2014

Hi Everyone,


I am working with a 3D template which has a Extrude Boss feature.

The process on the program is the following:

     Step1: Make a copy of the template on the output folder.

     Step2: Open the "copy".

     Step3: Save with new name using the IModelDocExtension:: SaveAs

                     Code Snippet: stat = swDocDrum.Extension.SaveAs(this.filePath, (int)swSaveAsVersion_e.swSaveAsCurrentVersion,                                                                                                     (int)swSaveAsOptions_e.swSaveAsOptions_Silent, false, ref errors, ref warnings);



Problem: The properties of the Extrude Boss became empty after executing the SaveAs function.


Question: What should I do to retain the properties?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,