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SW 2012 Equation Issue

Question asked by kevin bradley on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by Mark Kaiser

On a student laptop in a class I teach the default when you smart dimension something is D1@sketch1 instead of the numerical value.  How can I change this so the value is the default, not the equation?  Each time this happens the student has to delete the equation and then type in the value.  I have combed through the System Options.  Am I missing something?  Did a student make a change I am unaware of?


For example if I draw a line and then click Smart Dimension D1@Sketch1 pops up.  We then have to delete that and type in the value.  All of the other computers you just type in the numerical value for the length of the line.  This cpu is giving us other issues that seem to be more graphics card related, but I wouldn't think this would be related???  Thanks so much.