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          James Riddell


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            Jared Conway

            OP >Hello everyone ,

                  I now use the simulation analysis of the forces of objects , sometimes encounter a problem in the stress at large , the model is the presence of rounded , but with mesh refinement , the stress of the fillet is always increasing , not achieve convergence , how to solve .


            James > Upload your model. Is designed to be simple enough to check the manual calculation ? You use what type of element ? What is the minimum feature size , and you have at least half of what is ?


            OP >So, I can not analyze only half of the model , because it is not symmetrical ; and fillet portions can not be simplified , rounded part of the stress is really require detailed analysis.


            James > All models use a very coarse grid and high stress area where you can see the definition of a local fine mesh . You may need to surface portion , the geometry of which does not exist locally , in order to select a fine mesh .


            >>Jared >> CX, when you say convergence, are we talking about convergence of stress or displacement. remember that there are singularities that can create divergent stress but displacement should converge. this is where you should focus your efforts at first. then you can look at evaluating the stress. here is a reference: SolidWorks Simulation: Achieving Convergence of Results