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Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

Question asked by Mark Dougall on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Walter Fetsch

So I made a part yesterday and the dimensions were fine, but today, when I startup Solidworks and open the same part from the vault, I go to edit a sketch and the dimensions are acting as if they stick to an imaginary plane as you rotate the view.


A couple pictures as example:


1. Looking normal to the sketch I notice something was odd as the dimensions are a bit too far apart for my liking.

phase 1.png

2. While rotating you can see the numbers themselves are seemingly on a plane that was normal to my initial view.

phase 2.png

3. When I release the rotate button the dimensions snap back t a new plane normal to my new view.

phase 3.png


I can see why this could be helpful but honestly I didn't change anything myself and kind of preferred when the dimensions were always on the same plane as the sketch.


Anyone know what caused this/ seen this behaviour before?