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    Dangling Radius Dimensions

    Tyler Johnson

      I have a shaft that has radii transitions every time it's turned to a smaller diameter.  If that radius is a full radius (the length of the radius equals the width of the radius) and is changed to a large radius whose arc length is less than 90 degrees I get a dangling dimension on that radius.  Same thing happens in reverse, if I start with a large and it changes to a full the dimension dangles.  To make matters worse it doesn't seem possible to reattach as I can't seem to be able to move the dimension "Only features of the same size and type are supported for this operation."


      So my question is.  I need to find a work around for this, re-dimming broken radius dimensions is not acceptable as it will happen on nearly every drawing.  I'm using Driveworks for an automation solution so it must be as hands off as possible.


      Any ideas?