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    Automate 3D part, drawing and DXF

    Samuel Leith


      I'm not sure this is posted in the correct Space (API), but here we go...

      I've seen it done in SW promo videos like Born to Design, where 3D parts are literally being generated in SW automagically.


      We have standard parts with part numbers, for example, like ABCD-L-W-M where ABCD is the base number, and L, W and M are the length (in), width (in) and material, respectively.


      I wonder if it's possible to program this into solidworks, such that when part ABCD is selected, the user is prompted to enter the L and W, and with all this info, the 3D can be generated.

      As a bonus, if the drawing and DXF files could also be generated, that would be great.


      I have never done anything like this before in SW, and don't even know where to start looking. Would this be done via SW Macros; I know some VBA.

      If anyone knows a file I could download and inspect to see how it's done, it would be very appreciated.


      Thank you.