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How do I keep Dispatch from erroring out when it tries to check in a file that has reference files checked out by someone else?

Question asked by Joshua Linn on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Arie Van Gelderen

For instance, say I'm doing ECN work on one of our assemblies, but someone else is doing unrelated work on a part used in that assembly.  I run a Dispatch script that checks my assembly out, makes some variable changes, and checks it back in.  Because someone else has one of the child files checked out, Dispatch won't check my file back in, but just gives me this error:  "Error checking in file.  The file isn't checked out by you, which is required by the operation."


Perhaps this is because when you go to check a file in manually, EPDM automatically selects any checked out child files - which you can then de-select in the Check In dialog box (but you don't get this option in Dispatch, so it assumes you mean to check in those child files as well).  As such, is there any way to keep EPDM from selecting those child files?  I know you can choose whether you want EPDM to select reference files during check out, but I've never seen a similar option for check in.