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Part Properties Not Editable - Linked to Parent in Derived Multi-Body Child Part

Question asked by Aaron Moncur on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Miguel Angel Fernández Sánchez

In previous versions of SW (before 2014), when I would create a multi-body master part file then use the save bodies command to create individual child parts, the part properties in each of the child parts were editable.  Now, (in 2014) it seems they say "Linked to parent part" in all the property fields and I cannot edit them.  I don't really care where I type in the properties (in the child part, or in the parent part), but I can't even figure out where to type in properties for the different bodies in the master parent file, and I can't seem to edit the properties in the child part properties.  How do I add my part properties?