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    Do Brach

      Hi all


      Need some help please.


      I'm trying to dimension same as to drawing (yellow balloon).  I've made a section and do a detail view and then dimension it using 'ordinate dimension', is there a way to change dimension with ordinate dimension to arrows like those dimen with 'yellow balloon'?  Please see attachment.




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          Tony Cantrell

          They appear to be Basic Dims, you can select Basic under the dimension tolerances/Precision.

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              Greg Fowler

              I don't think he's talking about the yellow boxes per-se (which we call "Basic" - though have never seen them filled in with a color and don't think SW offers that).


              What's he seems to  be talking about is the leader/arrow style.  Ordinate dims just create a series of parallel lines with the dim value at the end.  Looks like he want's to display diameter values but only show half of the arrow...


              Let me know if the attached screenshot is what you're looking for or if I misunderstand...

              2014-10-06 16_38_56-Clipboard.png


              EDIT: It would appear the yellow boxes are just calling out a reference # for the dimension (e.g. #1, #2, #3, etc...) so that they can be called out by a unique label.  If that's the case, you can custom-name each individual dimension and get SW to show these names under each dimension, like this (here is used the default values SW assigns like "RD1", "RD2", etc...:

              2014-10-06 16_42_46-Clipboard.png

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              Brent Sandstrom

              The yellow identifiers refer back to an inspection sheet for QA of part, not basic dimensions.

              You can add annotation and place near the dimension.  Then add a square border to this annotation.  You will not be able to fill with color.