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Assembly->Motion Works->Bolt connections for FEM(bolt/part stresses)?

Question asked by Alex Demi on Oct 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Alex Demi

Hi guys,


i would like to know if there's a way to create bolt connections in an assembly (just like in simulation studies) in order to gain FEM-results in Motion Works for the bolts and the parts the bolts are fixed or interact with. I know how to set up the weight force and FEM-simulation for a part of the assembly but the results can not be true because i can not find an option to create a bonding between the parts and the bolts.The selected part(highlighted in blue on the 1st picture) is only fixed with bolds as you can see on th 2nd picture. So that is why i have to create some kind of connection between the bolts and the part in order to gain proper FEM results . For your understanding of how the whole thing works I have uploaded 3 pictures reagarding the construction and the motion simulation.

Of course i have already tried the simulation study feature in SW but i do not know how to adapt forces and torque on the single part when that part of the assembly is moved by the motor around the 45°-axis.

For further understanding  I have created a tracking path (black line on the 3rd picture) of how the whole thing moves around. I am aware that there is an option for bold connections in the SW simulation study feature but i can not see how to simulate the forces and the torque when it's moving around the axis.






Thanks in advance!