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Could not login to PDMWorks Workgroup

Discussion created by Andre Visser on Apr 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by Brad Harding
"Could not login to PDMWorks Workgroup" is the message I got when trying to login on Vault computer from other computer. When I try to login from other computer with VaultAdmin it takes about 5 to 10 min before anything happens. The rest of the message reads: "Please check that the vault computer name is correct and that PDMWorks Server is running on that computer." The vault computer name is correct and the PDMW Server is running on the other computer. On the vault computer everything is working. I have checked everything on the network side and firewall settings.
Before I upgraded to PDMW 2007 SP3 I noticed that on the other computer that client version was on SP1 and Vault version was on SP0 whereas on the vault computer both was on SP0. I dont know how the vault client got to SP1 because we did not update SW Explorer on that computer.

I have uninstalled PDMW Workgroup and SW Explorer SP3 on the vault computer and reinstalled them to SP0 and on the other computer uninstalled SW Explorer SP3 and reinstalled SP0. No luck still not working.

I hope someone can help me clarify this mistery because I have not had any joy from my VAR regarding this problem.
When the client want his drawings he is not interested in listening to you SW problems.

André Visser
Windows XP Pro SP2
SW2007 SP3
PDMW Workgroup SP0
SW Explorer SP0
Netgear Gigabit Network
McAfee Total Protection Anti Virus and Firewall