Duncan Gravills

how do i view conduction in solids taken place in FloWorks Simulation?

Discussion created by Duncan Gravills on Apr 2, 2007
Hi, I have done a FloWorks simulation where i have a thin wall witha hot fluid on one side and a cold fluid on the other side (air inboth cases). I have checked the 'heat conduction in solids' checkbox in the general settings to allow heat conduction and i havegiven boundary conditions to both sides of the wall specifyingtheir roughness and heat transfer coefficient, i have left 'definefluid temperature by' as 'user defined temperature' and the'external fluid temperature' as 293.2 K. And then i ran thesimulation. Now how do i view the heat transfer that has takenplace by conjugate and conduction through the wall, so i can seehow much heat has passed through the wall and where have been thespots were the most has passed through? Also you may like to knowthat it is an internal simulation and the wall and fluids on bothsides are encapsulated in a larger box and are all apart of thesimulation.

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