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Please check if this macro works for you.

Question asked by Matt Martens on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Matt Martens

I created this macro that has a userform and class module that control show the active document settings, sheet size, scale, sheet format, etc. for the active drawing and allows me to easily manipulate any of the settings. My issue is it has suddenly corrupted or so I think. I don't get the standard message box that usually occurs when a macro corrupts. It simply give my mouse pointer the working icon and eventually the Windows white screen of death.


I am aware that sometimes macros can be recovered by opening them on an older version of SW, saving and retrying it on the current version, but this didn't help either. It opened and ran on my home computer just fine. I would just go to my backup copy, but I had some made some major changes to it that were working that I hadn't backed up yet. If someone could test it on their system and let me know if it works or save it and send it back, that would be greatly appreciated.


Just not sure what else to do.


Thanks in advance.