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Cut 3d surface into slices?

Question asked by J. R. on Oct 3, 2014
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I have an imported 3D surface from another program. It is a hull of a boat:



I now need to thicken it, and cut into horizontal and vertical slices. For example, this is vertical:



However, these stripes are not uniform. They need to be 4cm wide, with 6cm gaps between. I did this using cut-extrude on side plane, but because this is a complex 3D shape, these strips are not exactly as they should be.


Now I'm trying to do same with horizontal strips. Here is an example of how it should look like (there is only 1 strip now, but I need the whole body to be cut like this):



I have no idea what to do here to make these strips exactly 4cm wide and with 6cm gaps. If only I could sketch on these non-planar faces, I could cut-extrude. Tried with 3D sketch - it didn't work.


What method would you suggest?


Attaching the file, in SW2013.


If you're wondering how this should look like in the end, here is the photo:classic14_400.jpg


I'm trying to transform this hull I have into these longitudinal and lateral strips.


It could be done some other method - like extruding on top of that imported surface. Doesn't matter.


I'm open to suggestions.