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Change Project in PDMWorks Workgroup

Question asked by Danielle Ohallisey on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Danielle Ohallisey

I think I might already know the answer to this one but wanted to see if anyone knows differently.  A client company is set up with two projects inside their vault; a kind of Common Sandbox and a Released project.  Their idea was to have people put their new work (prior to being given a part number) into one so they can collaborate, then move them to the Released project when they are ready for review.  It now appears that it isn't possible to actually move the files but that they instead would have to delete them from one location and check them into the other in order to functionally achieve the same goal; obviously not a great answer if the part has been used in more than one place.

The limitations of Workgroup are known but this is a new request to me, so I was wondering; another limitation or a misunderstanding?  There might be a simple solution that I haven't considered here...

And right, before anyone jumps in to say that this shouldn't be happening since the parts should have been checked into Released as soon as they had part numbers; I wasn't in charge of everyone's actions.  Sometimes people just walk around the safety barrier, ya know?